SuSE Enterprise Linux and SuSE Enterprise Support & Training

Do you require support or training for your SuSE infrastructure? We provide service level agreement backed and ad-hoc support for SuSE:  

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) ,
  • SuSE Enterprise Storage Server and
  • SuSE Containers as a Service (CaaS) products.

Our training course cover the following SuSE certifications:

With over 20 years experience in providing support and training services to our customer base, Jumping Bean bring a wealth of experience and expertise in building scalable, highly available infrastructure and an uncanny ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

SuSE Certified System Administrator (SCA)

This course covers the objectives for the SuSE Certified System Administrator.

This course teaches students how to install, maintain and update SuSE Enterprise Linux.

After attending this course students will be able to manage processes and users and storage.

SuSE Versions Covered

We offer the latest SLES certification training as well as bridging course for those looking to skill up from previous versions of SuSE.

SuSE Certified Administrator Objectives

  • Overview of SUSE Linux Enterprise
    • Flavors of SUSE Linux
    • SLE Maintenance Model
    • YaST
  • The Linux Filesystem
    • Understand the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
    • Understand the Linux File Types
  • Work with the Command Line
    • Getting Help at the Command Line
    • Understand the Shell Environment
  • The Vim Editor
  • Remote Administration
    • Understand Remote Administration with OpenSSH
    • Understand Remote Administration with VNC
  • System Initialization
    • Understand the Boot Process
    • Understand the GRUB2 Boot Loader
    • Define and Describe systemd
  • Process Management
    • Understand Process Administration
    • Understand Background Processes
    • Understand Process Scheduling
    • Understand xinetd
  • Identity and Security
    • Understand User Management
    • Understand Filesystem Permissions
    • Understand Privilege Delegation
  • Software Management
    • Understand Compiling Software from Source
    • Understand Management of RPM Packages
    • Understand Software Management with Libzypp
  • Network Management
    • Understand Network Management in SLE
    • Understand Network Management with Wicked
    • Understand firewalldl
  • Storage Management
    • Understand the Linux I/O Stack
    • Recognize Traditional Linux File Systems
    • Configure Logical Volume Management (LVM)
    • Configure Software RAID
    • Define and Describe BtrFS
    • Understand NFSv4
  • Administration and Monitoring
    • Understand Time Sync with chrony
    • Configure System Logging
    • Understand Supportconfig
  • Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise
    • Understand the Unified Installer
    • Understand Extensions and Modules
    • Understand AutoYaST

SuSE Certified System Engineer (SCE)

The SCE certification teaches students how to perform system configuration with Salt, advanced storage management with iSCSI and Mulitpath IO as well as advanced networking.

Students will required the SCA certification before they can sit the SCE exam.

The SCE exam is a practical exam consisting of 5-6 tasks that require knowledge of the objectives.

SuSE Versions Covered

As with SuSE's SCA certification we offer training in the latest version of SuSE Enterprise Linux. We also offer bridging training for those looking to upgrade from previous versions.

SuSE Certified Engineer Objectives

  • Advanced System Administration
    • YaST Security Module
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Software Libraries
    • General Server Health
    • Monitoring Overview
    • Control Groups
  • Encryption
    • SSL/TLS
    • GPG    
  • Shell Scripting
  • Hardware
    • Hardware Information
    • Drivers
  • Advanced Networking
    • Advanced Network Interface Types
    • Network Namespaces
    • IPv6
  • Advanced Storage Administration
    • iSCSI
    • Multipath IO
  • Centralized Authentication
    • PAM
    • SSSD
  • Advanced Software Management
    • RPM
    • Repositories
    • RMT
  • Configuration Management with Salt
    • Salt Overview
    • Install and Configure Salt
    • Salt Execution Modules
    • The Salt State System


Course Course Price + Exam (ex vat) Exam Price (ex vat)
SuSE Certified Administrator R20,000 R3,500
SuSE Certified Engineer R25,000 R3,500


Are you struggling to leverage your investment in SuSE products and solutions due to lack of skills or because they are too expensive to employee full-time?  Don't be saddled with the costs of recruiting, training, motivating and retaining talent where the cost outweighs the return on investment.
Reduce your human resource costs and salary bill by outsourcing your SuSE support and maintenance to professionals. Let us take care of your IT infrastructure while you concentrate on your core business activities.

Let us take care of your IT while you take care of business

All of our technical staff are certified Linux technicians with years of experience maintaining and tuning systems just like yours. From basic operating system tasks to the most commonly used applications such as postgres, tomcat, nginx etc.
We offer 12 month service level agreements or ad-hoc support if preferred. Our ad-hoc rates are naturally much higher than our SLA rates and rates depend on number of hours, level of skill required to resolve the support request and hours during which the support is required.

Our Clients

Absa Bank Dimension Data Teraco Discovery Health South African Revenue Service First National Bank Allan Grey multichoice CSIR Standard Bank University of Johannesburg MTN Mr Price

SuSE Certified System Administrator Enterprise Storage (SCA)

This certification teaches students how to administer SuSE Enterprise Storage.

It teaches the fundamental concepts of Software Defined Storage and how SuSE Enterprise Storage leverage CEPH to provide fundamental software defined storage services to clients.

The exam is question based and consists of 70 questions.

SuSE Certified Administrator Enterprise Storage Objectives

  • SUSE Enterprise Storage Concepts
    • Software Defined Infrastructure
    • Architecture
      • Storage Nodes
      • Monitor and Manager
      • Admin, Salt Master, Prometheus and Grafana
    • Client Access
    • Object, Block and File Storage
  • Pools and Data Placement
    • Object Storage
    • Pools and Placement Groups
    • CRUSH
    • Erasure Code Profiles
    • CRUSH Map Rulesets
    • Comparison of Replication and Erasure Coding
    • Blue Store
  • Accessing Storage
    • Object, Block and File Storage
  • Common asks Using the CLI
    • Ceph CLI
    • Ceph Users
    • Ceph’s Configuration Database
  • Ceph Dashboard
    • Prometheus and Grafana
    • Ceph Dashboard Users
    • Ceph’s Configuration Database
  • Basic Troubleshooting
    • Logs
    • Debug Settings
    • SUSE supportconfig
  • Configuration of Storage Data Access
    • Object Storage Access
    • RBD Direct Access
    • iSCSI Access
    • NFS Ganesha
    • File Storage
    • CIFS/SMB

SuSE Certified System Engineer Enterprise Storage (SCE)

The SCE for Enterprise Storage certification is for storage administrators who have already mastered the administration side of CEPH storage and wish to acquire advanced skills in software defined performance tuning, high availability  and capacity management.

The exam for SCE is a 2.5 hours practical exam. SCA in Enterprise Storage is a prerequisite for this certification.

SuSE Certified Engineer Enterprise Storage Objectives

  • ​​​​​​​Shut down and Startup a SUSE Enterprise Storage Cluster
  • Blue Store
    • Configuration using a single device
    • Configuration using a multiple devices
    • Cache Configuration
    • Checksum Configuration
    • Inline Compression Configuration
    • Filestore migration to BlueStore
    • Review Data Placement in the Cluster
    • The CRUSH Algorithm
    • Planning Failure Zones
    • Editing the CRUSH Map
  • Managing Storage
    • Adding Storage Capacity
    • Adding a new Cluster Storage Node
    • Adding an OSD to a Node
    • PG’s and PGP’s in the Cluster Expansion Process
    • Rebalancing the Data
  • Access and Security
    • Authentication with cephx
    • User Management
  • High Availability with SUSE Enterprise Storage
    • Identify single points of failure
    • Planning HA for SES Components
    • HA enable RADOSGW
    • HA enable iSCSI
    • HA enable NFS
  • Admin Node
    • Managing the Admin Node
    • Recovering the Admin Node
Course (All prices ex vat) Course + Exam Exam
SuSE Certified Administrator Enterprise Storage R30,000 R3,500
SuSE Certified Engineer Enterprise Storage R35,000 R3,500




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